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Electric Owls
Electric Owls - Ain't Too Bright альбом
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Electric Owls - Текст песни Magic Show

I'm a clairvoyant babe
Listen if you will
I'll tell you the future
Of this twenty dollar bill
Now watch as it turns to a cup
Of your finest swill
And, whoa! Where'd it go?

Now to the young lady
Sitting in the front row
Won't you tell the audience
How many years I've known
You and I we loved each other
And we were off and on
And whoa! She was gone

I will not tell you
How I do my tricks
It's yours to suspend disbelief
And let it be like this
It's mine to take your money Electric Owls - Magic Show - http://ru.motolyrics.com/electric-owls/magic-show-lyrics.html
And in a puff of smoke I'll disappear

From here

We will take a life
And we will live it on the stage
When the show is over
Hopefully they will say
For the final act they breathed
An endless sigh
And waved good bye

It's magic
It's magic
Magic, magic
Magic, magic
Magic, magic
It's magic
It's a magic show

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