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Текст песни Ballad on Third Avenue

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Ed Hale
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Ed Hale - Текст песни Ballad on Third Avenue

I sat around thinking in my bed
about all the things that were left unsaid
You see I'm a man who's so out of date
If I loved you right it was my mistake
Well it takes me a whole century
To get to a place where I wanna be
I'm a clown for you
I wanna be with you
Even though I know you lie
But I recognize so do I

Come to me cause I need you now
Love is gone and girl I'm so strung out
Now I just compensate a thousand times
My sheets are warm but I'm cold inside
Yeah it's so hard in these cold and winter days
To try to find something to keep me awake
But you know that your tirades they hit me hard
I am always searching for that spark

That strikes gold in your eyes
'Cause you recognize the truth
I'm a lunatic
But so are you

A thousand psych wards could never hold us down
Ed Hale - Ballad on Third Avenue - http://ru.motolyrics.com/ed-hale/ballad-on-third-avenue-lyrics.html
People like us tend to stay off the ground
You see when you come down to it in the end
True love never rolls around again
You know I wanna run through the halls of an art museum
With your picture in my arms screaming carpe diem
We gotta seize the day we gotta seize this love
We never know when it's going to turn up
So babe let's take our chances while we're still alive
And here's one final word of advice
Roses they may wilt but they never die
So won't you try?

Though you recognize the truth
That I'm bound to lose
But so are you
Losers Beautiful losers
Beautiful losers
But baby
If you give it a try
Maybe baby
So will I
Ballad on Third Avenue
Ballad on Third Avenue
Maybe baby if you give it a try
Maybe baby maybe so will I

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