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Dysphoria - Hope Without Fear альбом
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Dysphoria - Текст песни Where You Ought To Be

You create your own situation
Put yourself Where you ought to be
So much is wrong with your life
Always send something bad my way
So here nothing changes
For you old wounds never heal
Every day you grow colder
'Till there's nothing left inside
Of there
Is there a time when you're not pegging me down
Shooting Down my dreams Always have to take a piece of me
So worried on how you're going to win
Can't see the real truth, the real you.Dysphoria - Where You Ought To Be - http://ru.motolyrics.com/dysphoria/where-you-ought-to-be-lyrics.html
With your ego intact your failure now begins
You will Fail
I've Crossed an ocean of insults
Faced a mountain of fear
Every night pushing me forward/closer
To where I think I should be
It's- Your selfish life
Gone- It's screwing me up
Too- I've had enough
Gone Too Far
The further away I get the more I see things clear
Further away I can see so clear
Far away

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