Dreadful Shadows

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Dreadful Shadows - Estrangement альбом
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Dreadful Shadows - Текст песни The Release

There's a grave adorned with black roses
Fog flowed over her body
Like a haze of a thousand painful tears
It's the place of memories

Death is the release
Death is the eternity
Death is the origin of a new life

Oh it's the place of memories,
Memories of the many sufferings Dreadful Shadows - The Release - http://ru.motolyrics.com/dreadful-shadows/the-release-lyrics.html
Of the lots of anguishes
And disappointments of lonelyness
Of lonelyness and remorse

You'll be delivered of the anguishes and
Disappointments of lonelyness
Delivered of all the sufferings
Which have drilled into your heart like glowing arrows

Now you've find release,
You'll find Release.

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