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Dallas Crane
Dallas Crane - Twenty Four Seven альбом
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Dallas Crane - Текст песни Nowhere

something worth knowing
your broken bottles cut my feet up
the blood won't stop flowing
I hope you don't expect me to be cool
well it's just not me
it's something I can't be

I look at your fashion
a puppet , a designers brain
amphetamine passions
not caring that you'll always look the same
as a suburban street and everyone you meet

I count all the numbers
I'm not afraid to play the gameDallas Crane - Nowhere - http://ru.motolyrics.com/dallas-crane/nowhere-lyrics.html
I'm glad that I've done ya
I hoping that you kind of feel the same
well the same as me
it's how I wanna be

I'd like to breed the freak out
all in the chemistry, it's in the chemistry
she's like an acid flashback
something only I can see, only I can see
it seems to do my mind in
oh I know it isn't cheap
it keeps me on my feet
and when I've made a million
that's when I finally walk away
I wanna walk away

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