Cradle Of Filth

Текст песни Imperium Tenebrarum

Imperium Tenebrarum видео клип

  • black metal
  • gothic metal
  • melodic black metal
  • spoken word
  • symphonic black metal
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Cradle Of Filth - Текст песни Imperium Tenebrarum

Swords in hand at the bloody fields of history
We rend our blades through dogma and humility
Carve the future according to our will
Set worlds ablaze with our seething fire
Let you all acknowledge that we are here
Cradle Of Filth - Imperium Tenebrarum -
As masters to rule this failing humanity
Our beings formed in raise and defiance
With strength to trample the weak and the foolish
And so we march with burning brands
Temples of flame on our path to glory

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