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Casper - Текст песни Underground Shit

VERS 1 : casper
i be the king of the underground, rap to the undersound
i wonder wer u'r body found, in the fuckin ground
i bury u, a phsycopath, menic depresive, my lyrics
delevired expresive, can't pay, to expensis
shoot that shit agrresive, my style ain't similer to yours
u faggot bitch, mine empresive, pshycological records
i'm down with necro, i brake your neck yo
rusty razor blade in yo ass, dumb ho
make u eat glass, slip with them insecs
on the grass, kill to the track with a smak, presistent
casper is the ghost talknig black, u need assistence
taklknig back, underground rap, mad cuz my apirences
hit u with a basball bat
in your balls, in the front of yo head
crack yo skull, kill u, and fuck them, kill them all
thats just the why we ball, he fall
i shot em in the leg watch em crawl
he say he the king cut his head off
crown is mine he gets set off
live em blody in the street with his pents off
it's that underground shit so just get off

chours: casper x5Casper - Underground Shit -
it's the underground shit, cut yo clit watch u twit
sickest shit, i kill to this, murders, visions, demens shit

vers 2: casper

My rap to voilent, to keep u faggot silent
run yo mouth, have to resource to vilence
crakc your jaw with a violent, weed
i'm high on it, narcotics, we die on it
and u the bitch, get smaked it's so pidaful
fuck yo moma, turned that bitch misrable
in the underground, under world
we fuck yo girl, what u gonna do,
get dropped in an instent, gayass and yo hear is curled
who murder u, we never frinds
dun say i turn on u
giv me another reason to fuckin murder you
act all big, ya not alot of people herd of me
but some did, and no one herd of u
underground shit as what we do and i'm out

chours: casper x5

Casper Underground Shit

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