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Branch - Текст песни I'll Never

Mountains quake and rivers run, all this Your hand has done
You're so astounding
Ocean waves cascading and all the seasons always changing
You're so unpredictable

I step back and grin every time You let me in
'Cause I never see it coming

I'll never, I'll never get used to You
I'll never, I'll never see it all
Branch - I'll Never -
From ocean floors to mountain peaks, how great is Your majesty
From micro atoms to galaxies, none of which my eyes will see
But they still shout your glory

Man from dust, You brought all of us and we're redeemed by Your Son
There's no stopping Your love
You conquered death to give me life, took my blindness and gave me sight- I am free at last

I'll never get used to You
I'll never see it all, but I'm sure going to try

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