Born Of Thorns

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Born Of Thorns
Born Of Thorns - New Horizon альбом
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Born Of Thorns - Текст песни Towards a New Horizon

O winter stars - so bright
Thy features - most beautiful

My angel, my goddess, the full
Moon and thy radiant light
Lead us on our aspiring flight
Through falling snow and mournful
Scenes, past cold and delightful
Sceneries in the darkest night

To escape the preconceptions
Of man and yet again fail on that

Alas! We hasten our evolution's
Pace and nature, whereat
They forsake us, the creations
Of starbound love in human format

Ah! Thou art less than divine
The stars of the northern sky

My angel, a constellation, thy
Guidance falls into a decline
Still so luminous, but stars shine
Brightest before they die

We elude the confines of man and thereby Born Of Thorns - Towards a New Horizon -
Reach for the one we enshrine

Finally, as the centuries have pass
We have grown out of thorns to realize
That every course leads to an impasse
Even in a system of this size
'Twas an error to try to surpass
mankind or e'er attempt to arise

On the edge of humanity and a new frontier
We perceive that nothing has chang'd

Alas! All the luminaries derang'd
From what we saw from our hemisphere
'Twas a failure to adhere
To thee! For years on end we rang'd
Along darkness and thus became estrang'd

Lo! The distort'd visage! O the fear
Of being left here on a backward-land

My angel, our universe! As before
We voyage in darkness and
Cold, through falling snow or
Fallen stars in the grand
Solitude - now and for evermore

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