Born Of Thorns

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Born Of Thorns - Текст песни And Dark

Behold the troops have gathered
From the realms of shadows
The cries of war declare a diatribe
Breathing madness of the black
Midnight dreams
These deathwished leagioners are marching forth

And a mourning veil fell across the fields
Where light once kissed the ground
Now grows the wine of thorns

Blades were raised towards
The shrine that they despise
At dusk will be revealed
What real dark is like

North wind is waving the flags
Bearing the mark of the monarchy
Time has come for confortation
Bright is the kingdom of light
Abhorent is its luminosity
With a curse these shadows bless this sight

Beneath a soothy mist the divine glow eclipsed
The gates were crumbling as the holy
Flame was extinct Born Of Thorns - And Dark -

The scene is running rampart
A Theater of brutal ravaging
Unknown is the sense of purity
Nocturnal celebration

She found her widing, this virgin icon of innocence
Kneeled to beg for mercy, in vain
Tore down her holy gown, laid her on the frostly ground
The feast of flesh had just begun

Casting weak white spells of light
Was no good for defence
One by one they vanished
Trough the spirals of oblivion
The plan of redvision proceeds
And the hunger for dominance grows

The wicked ways of darkness lead
To the joys of eternal woe

Torn down his feeble idols
The principles of weak inquisitors
For they know not the ferals
Kept within the untold secrets

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