Текст песни Bullets From Another Dimension

Bullets From Another Dimension видео клип

Beatsteaks - Boombox альбом
  • alternative rock
  • garage rock
  • german
  • punkrock
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Beatsteaks - Текст песни Bullets From Another Dimension

spread the news all across the nation
firing bullets from another dimension

I'll be working in your dreams
trying to keep them neat and clean
you won't miss a thing
you will love the spin you're in

until the lights come on
I'll keep your troubles out
I'll give you what you need Beatsteaks - Bullets From Another Dimension -
i will console you while you sleep

there is no time to find out why
this is the time for pigs to fly
the organ plays and the bells will ring
now cut the crap, let the games begin

I'll be the one you can always lean on
you will forget where you're coming from
will you be where i will take care?
I'll be at your side

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