Текст песни Alright

Alright видео клип

Beatsteaks - Boombox альбом
  • alternative rock
  • garage rock
  • german
  • punkrock
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Beatsteaks - Текст песни Alright

Now that you want me to
Do everything that I promised to
I can hardly move
And I think it's true

I guess I will be with you
Trying to please and to comfort you
There's nothing I can do
That's the way we lose
Beatsteaks - Alright -
Alright, shake this hand you're gonna be fine
We're gonna get down eat shit and rhyme
Everything will be alright
No you will never run

Trying to pretend that you know this song
I could have picked anyone
Trying to get along
If it's more than we can take, then it's alright

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