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Arms Like Yours
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Arms Like Yours - Текст песни I Awake

Daylight drapes your eyes, I awake from death, reborn with purpose
My soul was burned to black, and I had settled in the undertow
But I'm not the person I used to be

Save your breath, for someone it will effect
You could curse my name for years
And while you feel your mouth run dry
You will see me moving mountains
And parting the sea with my handsArms Like Yours - I Awake -

Bite your tongue, cuz' you have grown into a mask without a face to show
Now I see, you could put anything in front of me,
I won't leave this world til' I leave my mark

I'm not a canvas without living and vivid color
Brick by brick, I will build existence

I won't fade into the background, my mark will split this earth in half

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