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Animal Alpha - Текст песни In The Barn

How could I know He had it all
But the Devil got his chance to take
The full control I think they had a deal
I look forward now it was for real
You know your lie, it will never die
Oh Lord, I'm giving in
You know your lie
What's the reason why?
Oh Lord, I'm giving in

You greedy man, my heart is aching
This silent night, I felt so sick
I saw the barn, I recognized the smellAnimal Alpha - In The Barn -
Of what I had revealed, vaginas in jars
One day you found the lid was loose
You know you're better
But someone knows
You know you got to clean the slate
Set the time
You know that you've dreamt about this
This covers your crime

He rolled over in their bed
And calmly said to her
"Yes, those golden curls are surely to die for"

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