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Angels and Airwaves - Текст песни Shootindistraction

I'll be your distraction (x2)

There's a field nearby
with words written in stone
My love will not die
please let it be known
This place is dead
it echoes through town
There isn't one voice
I haven't heard a sound
The planes flew in
their bombs did too
The city fell flat
the fires, they grew
When the smoke comes in
it'll color this town
But I'll still have you
so I'll say it aloud

I'll be your distraction (x2)
Angels and Airwaves - Shootindistraction -
The friendship we made
is a waste of our time
There's no one left here
to show future that's kind
It's a world of hate
gone incredibly wrong
We cared too late
we just followed along
And the boys went down
with a gun in their hand
Their weapon of choice
their knees in the sand
If that field nearby
was still there to be used
Would you ever have known?
those words were for you

I'll be your distraction (x6)

I'll be, I'll be yours (x4)

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