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American Diary - Текст песни Life's Just Another Story

When my pulse stops, what will the obituary say,
another footnote, another root beneath the tree
(and as the days turn to months and the months turn to years,
will these hours and minutes add up to something worth documenting,
will the textbooks carry my name?)
Or will this quill just break, before we sign,
our names on the parchment in time, your word is mine.
Tell me I'm the love, tell me I'm the laughter,
tell me I'm the look, the look you're always after.
I might've wrote a will, instead I wrote a sonnet, American Diary - Life's Just Another Story -
for you to sing along, well be timeless.
Breathe; tell the summer I wont sleep.
Until my veins run dry, my story will survive,
Oh were the story get it right!
We write the hooks that make you beg for more,
and if these moments hold the truth,
our words are timeless thanks to you.
Place your bets on the best,
Place your bets if you're ready

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