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Ambry - Текст песни Car Crash Love

if i cant remember te words
could you be my tongue for these few seconds
and spit them out for me
see ive crossed the line
and ive done what i told myself id never
weve become everything that we once hated
feeling special actually listening to my conscience
when it confronts me
i told myself i wouldnt waste my time holding my breath
for what may potentially be a lost cause
leave me stranded branded stupid
and all to often a sucker for the teenage delusion
called true love
but you changed me
you are the risk that im taking

ill stand beside the rest of our lives
and put my trust in loves
but i cant do this all alone
i cant make you believe me when i say
youre all i ever need
youre the reason i believe
that everything in my life has
brought me to this point for a reason
Ambry - Car Crash Love -
what were the last words that you said to me
stuck hanging off your lips as i leave you
talking yourself blue in the face again
this loss for words cant get me out of what its got me in
choking on the right lines picking up the wrong signs
i understand that promises
("never speak of this again")
mean nothing if the words have no meaning
(i give in)
but havent we already grown used to waiting?
(a promise is only words)
and i can wait as long as it takes
to make you see i mean it

im so bad at goodbyes
thats why i never want to leave youre side again
so until the next time that i see you ive got to
got to keep on breathing
got to keep on breathing

to make you see
(kids leave her alone she needs this)
to make you see i mean it
(just leave her alone she needs this)

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