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Alain Clark
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Alain Clark - Текст песни Foxy Lady

Hot class, where are you from?
Foxy lady, turn me on
Hot style, you should drill
Classy lady a perfect tan
All the time I am trying to fight it but I
I don't stand a chance

Lady something that you do
Makes everything inside me
Want to get with you
And I don't usually feel this
You got me in a clutch
Girl I think that I like it

Good taste, a fine wine
Sophisticated, so out of time
You don't play, you just win
And you're about to put all my money inAlain Clark - Foxy Lady -

I can tell by the way that you look in my eyes
There is a whole other world that you want me to fly you to
I know that it's different from the someone you're with
Baby all I got to tell you
Is that you will not regret it


Take me to dry standing in the pooring rain
Take me to dry girl I am in the pooring rain
Come on now

Hot class where are you from?
Foxy lady turn me on
Be my baby
Come on be my baby


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