Текст песни Fallen Into Oblivion

Fallen Into Oblivion видео клип

Aeveron - The Ancient Realm альбом
  • melodic death metal
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Aeveron - Текст песни Fallen Into Oblivion

For too long fear was buried in their heads as a gloomy shadow.
The will to live was eradicated deep inside.
They had already forgotten to rise against injustice.
And so his words sounded like in ancient times.

Dying on your feet, instead of living on your knees,
To unite yourselves into one joint power.
He roused the fire inside their minds, the fire to fight.
For themselves, for freedom and a better world.

Follow me folks! We will unite our forces.
Follow your hearts and reach out to the stars.
Altogether in one strong allegiance.
Side by side -- our rebirth of hope
Fear that you felt -- leave it all far behindAeveron - Fallen Into Oblivion -
No one will ever lead us astray.
There we stand with power and believe.
Whatever we want we can achieve.

For years they were enslaved, forced to serve and to remain fucking silent.
They were taken everything they once created.
Agonized, banned and damned to obey,
Never to own a life of freedom in this world.

Running into the storm to end the suffering.
Destiny will guide you.
Trust in you and recall hope and fire
That have fallen into oblivion. (2X)


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