A Trunk Full Of Dead Bodies

Текст песни Ride or Die

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A Trunk Full Of Dead Bodies - Текст песни Ride or Die

A dumpster will slove this
Before resolve
I think i'm better off
Morning after cut the cake in all fairness i'm the one to blame
Exaggerating you're not considerate
This drink's on you holding to sumit
Come on and kill me this is my final offer
I still feel sorry about the things i drank and the ride i took that night
Slipped into the cemetery to hear my eulogy
In the ground i lie, it's her legs that i despise
Drop dead she said
How can i hear you with a halo over my head?
As i turned around
Fall back, we laugh, she hits the groundA Trunk Full Of Dead Bodies - Ride or Die - http://ru.motolyrics.com/a-trunk-full-of-dead-bodies/ride-or-die-lyrics.html
I hate settling for you
You make me sick
Drop dead i said
How can you hear me with a halo over your head?
Swing there sweetly like you do
This is the end
Kaleidoscope between me and you
I'll be better dead
I ask for something in return
A goodbye is too late
I'd love to sit and watch you chike
I never said i wanted you to live
I never gave enough time for me to live

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