A Trunk Full Of Dead Bodies

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A Trunk Full Of Dead Bodies - Текст песни Bi-polar Opposites

Collapse at the thought of you
It seems that accidents only happen on nice days
I should've forgot my seatbelt
Are you running home from me or everything?
It's true that waking up next to you made me think of every time
I should've stapled your mouth shut
You just never shut up
I'm wrong you're right but who's in the trunk tonight?
Your timing's perfect but are you worth it?
I have stumbled onto something i wish i could forget
Curl up and dieA Trunk Full Of Dead Bodies - Bi-polar Opposites - http://ru.motolyrics.com/a-trunk-full-of-dead-bodies/bi-polar-opposites-lyrics.html
I want to erase you
I refuse to be your anything
My face hits the floor like my guts did twice the night before
It's embarassing to know you still breathe different air than me
I hear whispering
I can't be more sarcastic when i say "i'm glad you left, i'm glad you're dead, i'm glad your insides still drip from my hands and drip from your chest"
Surprise every word you said was a lie
I tried to understand you all of the time
But no matter what i do i'm having trouble hating you
I'm not over this

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