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  • Michael
  • George
  • 80s
  • Pop
  • Rock
  • british
  • uk pop
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Wham! - Текст песни Like A Baby

Foreign skies
Blinded me to empty charms.
I crossed the ocean,
Fell into your arms...

So sure...so wrong..
You sang me a simple tune,
I took if for a song.

Say goodbye...
Don't tell me why you have to go...
Loving you was as good as gone...
As good as gone.

I'd love to know you...
Really know you...
But you see, there's something you should know,Wham! - Like A Baby - http://ru.motolyrics.com/wham/like-a-baby-lyrics.html
I never really thought you'd go...

Because today,
I would have sworn I heard you say...
"i love you..."
"i want you..."
"i need to be with you today..."
I saw something in your face...

Stay here beside me,
I need your love to guide me...
Your love...
But now it's gone away...
You left me crying like a baby...
Like a baby...
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