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Текст песни Heather Honey

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Tommy Roe
Tommy Roe - Greatest Hits альбом
  • Roe
  • 60s
  • Rock
  • 2009
  • male vocalist
  • oldies
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Tommy Roe - Текст песни Heather Honey

Tommy Roe

Oh Heather honey
Warm as the sunshine
Oh Heather honey
Your love is so fine
I've been here, I've been there
I've been all around
and I fell in and out of love
In most every town
But the girls I knew were not like you
You're a different kind
Heather honey, now can't you see
You're blowing my mind
Tommy Roe - Heather Honey -
Every day my friends say
I'm just a fool to fall in love
To them it seems ain't very cool
But I don't care what they say
I just can't resist
Heather, I fell head over heels
First time we kissed
Heather, honey I bet money
We'll never split cause
Loving you is so easy to do
And I'll never quit
So build your plans around this man
Cause I love you so
Don't you forget my pretty pet
I'll never let you go

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