Tokyo Blade

Текст песни Break The Chains

Break The Chains видео клип

Tokyo Blade
Tokyo Blade - Tokyo Blade альбом
  • british
  • heavy metal
  • nwobhm
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Tokyo Blade - Текст песни Break The Chains


Woke today, my heads a daze
I can't remember a thing about the night
Reflections of an empty face
There's something wrong and I'm lost without a trace

Lady killer, a lost cause
Locked away, screaming in vain
Body wrapped in chains
Going insane, I can't stand the pain

[Chorus]Tokyo Blade - Break The Chains -
Break the chains, break the chains
Break the chains from me now
Whoa - oooo

Feeling cold, my fears returned
Close my eyes, but the nightmare still remains
I can't believe, my eyes reveal
I can't recall where I was the night before


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