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The Xx
The Xx - xx альбом
  • Sim
  • Oliver David / Madley Croft
  • Romy Anna / Smith
  • James Thomas / Qureshi
  • Baria
  • Indie
  • alternative
  • beautiful
  • british
  • love at first listen
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The Xx - Текст песни Heart Skipped A Beat

Please don't say we're done

When I'm not finished

I could give you so much

Make you feel, like never before

Welcome, they said welcome to the floor

It's been a while

And you've found someone better

But I've been waiting too long to give this up

The more I see, I understand

But sometimes, I still need you

Sometimes, I still need you (2x)

I was struggling to get in
The Xx - Heart Skipped A Beat -
Left waiting outside your door

I was sure

You'd give me more

No need to come to me

When I can make it all the way to you

You made it clear

You weren't near

Near enough to me

Heart skipped a beat

And when I caught it you were out of reach

But I'm sure, I'm sure

You've heard if before (2x)

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