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Текст песни Little Room

Little Room видео клип

  • Eric Patrick Clapton
  • Will Jennings
  • Indie
  • Rock
  • alternative
  • alternative rock
  • garage rock
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The White Stripes - Текст песни Little Room

Well I'm finding it harder
to be a gentleman every day
all the manners that I've been taught
have slowly died away
but if I held the door open for you
It would make your day

You think that I care
about me and only me
when every single girl needs help
climbing up a tree
well I know it don't take much
to satisfy me

Maybe it's whatever's in my mind
that's distracting me
but if i could find emotion
to stimulate devotionThe White Stripes - Little Room -
well then you'd see

Well I'm finding it hard to say
that I need you twenty times a day
I feel comfortable so baby why
don't you feel the same?
have a doctor come and visit us
and tell us which one is sane

Well I never said I wouldn't
Throw my jacket in the mud for you
but my father gave it to me so
maybe I should carry you
then you said
"You almost dropped me"
so then I did
and I got mud on my shoes

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