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The White Stripes - Icky Thump альбом
  • John Aka Johne Battle Battle
  • Jason "iceberg" Lary
  • Jesse Mobley
  • Rashead Webb
  • Jevon (pka "dj Len") Moore
  • M. Blackmon
  • J. Prister
  • Indie
  • Rock
  • alternative
  • alternative rock
  • indie rock
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The White Stripes - Текст песни Icky Thump

"Icky Thump"

Icky thump
Who'da thunk?
Sittin' drunk on a wagon to Mexico.

Ah well,
What a chump
Well my head got a bump
When I hit it on the radio.

Redhead señorita
Looking dead
Came and said
"need a bed?"
En Español.

I said
"gimme a drink a water,
I'm gonna 'sing around the collar'
And I don't need a microphone."

[guitar solo]
[keyboard solo]

Icky thump
with a lump in my throat
Grabbed my coat
And I was freaking
I was ready to go!

And I swear
Besides the hairThe White Stripes - Icky Thump -
She had one white eye,
One black(nk) stare
Lookin' up
Lyin' there.

On the stand
near her hand
Was a candy cane
Black rum, sugar cane,
Dry ice (and) something strange.

La la, la la la la la la la la la laaa laaa laaa

[keyboard solo]

White Americans, what?
Nothing better to do?
Why don't you kick yourself out?
You're an immigrant too?

Who's usin' who?
What should we do?
Well you can't be a pimp
And a prostitute too

Icky thump, handcuffed to a bunk
Robbed blind
Looked around
And there was nobody else

Left alone
I hit myself with a stone
Went home
And learned how to clean up after myself

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