The Plan

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The Plan
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  • Jensen
  • Theodor / Korssell
  • Niklas / Furugarde
  • Mikael
  • indie pop
  • outlaw
  • swedish
  • top track
  • tungt
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The Plan - Текст песни Mon Amour

I was walking but I didn´t know the way and I
I was talking but I don´t know what to say and I
I was thinking but i couldn´t find the key
I was falling upon my knees

Mon Amour
What I´m in Mon Amour?

We can go drinking in bars
We can dine under five stars
Earn the money to take us anywhere
Do things we never dared
The Plan - Mon Amour -
Mon Amour
Where´re we going Mon Amour?

We can sit all night and debate
We can watch us turn to strangers
What’s to clear out between you and me?
Mon Amour can´t you see
Nothing´s enough
That nothing’s enough, Mon Amour

Oh, Merde!
Mon Amour
Nothing´s enough, Mon Amour

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