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The Maccabees
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The Maccabees - Текст песни Spanishish

You?ve lost your passporter
Lost in Barcelona
Nowhere to go now
You?re a loner

You don?t speak the lingo
Where are you gonna go?
Got no money
No deniro

I hate Spain there?s tapas everywhere
What do you mean you don?t speak English?
It?s an international language
Oh I?ll show you mate, I?ll show you how it?s done
I don?t have a passport
And I don?t know how to get back home The Maccabees - Spanishish -
I don?t know why I?m here


Take me home (x6)

I want to get out this country
But no one here looks after me
Never again will I go overseas
Get me out
Get me out
Get me outta here

I hate Spain, no one here speaks English
What you talking about? In Spanish
No way, I want some fish and chips bruv
Oi, what you doing?
Oi oi oi, come on, and what about a pint?

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