The Grass Roots

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The Grass Roots - Текст песни Glory Bound

Grass Roots

All the sun on the outside
Doesn't touch what I feel within
When I've got you beside me
I'm reachin' out for the rainbow's end
You get to me & give me a feelin' that's comin' on
Gettin' stronger & stronger

Glory bound to that everlastin' feelin'
Glory bound, oh I'm never never comin' down

It's 5:00 in the mornin'
I'm lookin' out on a sky of grayThe Grass Roots - Glory Bound -
I don't care, let the rains come
If I'm with you it's a sunny day
You make me feel so close to heaven
Whenever I'm beside you


I need the comfort I see in your smile
I need the touch of your hand
Come on & bring out the best in me, girl
Don't you know that you can

(repeat chorus & fade)


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