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Текст песни Til I Kissed You

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  • Everly
  • Donald I
  • 60s
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The Everly Brothers - Текст песни Til I Kissed You

Intro: There's no surf in Cleveland U.S.A.

If you want to see tinsel and stars just go to LA
To ride a subway car try New York way
Well you can go to Philly amytime
If the Liberty Bell rings your chime
But we're all here in Cleveland, Ohio
And that ain't bad brother don't you know
Cause there's a party every night
And dancing till the morning light
There's such a lot to do


Well we can cruise through the rapids(1) all day long
(day long day long day long)
And we can dance to the music all night long
(night long night long night long)
Now we can't shine down our woody
Or drive a board around all dayThe Everly Brothers - Til I Kissed You -
And man we can't impress the girls on the beach
The way they do out in LA
Cause there's no surf in Cleveland
There's just no surf in Cleveland U.S.A.

>From east and west and all around the town
We're a-ok don't let them put you down
The buzzard's(2) singing with the (chip up and down ??)
So clap your hands to the radio sound
Come on and sing along

REFRAIN sung twice

Fade out singing "no surf no surf we don't care" over and over

(1) Cleveland's rail public transportation system
(2) The cartoon "mascot" of Cleveland's leading rock station
WMMS FM 100.7 inspired by the buzzard nesting ground in
nearby Hinckley Ridge

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