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The Echoing Green - Текст песни Supermodel Citizen

Picture in the fashion magazine says I'm not complete
It's so discreet...I smell deceit
They need someone to make 'perfect' but I can see -
That somebody's not me

You buy into what they're selling and then
They kick you down until you start all over again
They don't care where you're coming from
Or where you've been
As long as you're a supermodel citizen

Empty faces on your screen
(Supermodel citizen)
Tearing down your self esteem
(Supermodel citizen) The Echoing Green - Supermodel Citizen -

Is there a difference between what is me
And what I see on the TV?
Someone showing me the 'me' I'm supposed to be...
It's not a physical reality
Well don't think, don't worry, don't talk just
Hurry grab the phone and get your order in by 10:00
They'll never let up 'til your fed up
And you set up your lifetime account
With supermodel citizen

If they used more than their eyes
They'd be able to see
There's a heavenly beauty
Inside of me

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