The Cure

Текст песни A Forest

A Forest видео клип

  • Robert James Smith
  • Simon Gallup
  • Matthieu A. Hartley
  • Laurence Andrew Tolhurst
  • 80s
  • alternative
  • new wave
  • post punk
  • the cure
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The Cure - Текст песни A Forest

See into the trees

Find the girl

If you can

Come closer and see

See into the dark

Just follow your eyes

Just follow your eyes

I hear her voice

Calling my name

The sound is deep

In the dark

I hear her voice

And start to runThe Cure - A Forest -

Into the trees

Into the trees

Into the trees

Suddenly I stop

But I know it's too late

I'm lost in a forest

All alone

The girl was never there

It's always the same

I'm running towards nothing

Again and again and again and again

Cure A Forest

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