Ten After Two

Текст песни Satans Slumber Party

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Ten After Two
Ten After Two - Truth Is... альбом
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Ten After Two - Текст песни Satans Slumber Party

This hook feeds me all that I want cause I lost all that I want
Inject me with drunk thoughts cause I'm wasted far beyond gone

I can't wait for an answer
Don't change the subject
Wait, give me more
I need something extravagant

I never felt so alone or felt so alive
Never felt so alone or felt so...
Can you feel my heart beating
Over and again it beats out of my chest
Someone call me a medicTen After Two - Satans Slumber Party - http://ru.motolyrics.com/ten-after-two/satans-slumber-party-lyrics.html
I call this one my favorite strain
The ambulance showed up too late

I'm wasted
Far beyond gone
Two hands up but I see ten
Wasted, far beyond gone
I'm losing my focus (x2)

Why try to persuade the inevitable
It was my choice and my life
I am the fucking influence

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