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Stormwarrior - Текст песни Heading Northe

Wilde at hearte, defiant minde
Surrender is not my fate
I've cross'd the seas for all the years
And always have prevail'd

I've seen the tempest in darkest nights
I've faced the eyes of Thor
I've felt the icy colde winde blow
So mystical and raw

I've never fear'd the open battlefielde
(never fear'd the open sea)
I've always brav'd the wildest storms
(brav'd the wildest storms)
But when I close my eyes I see the northern skies
And I see the place where I was borne
Stormwarrior - Heading Northe -
We're heading northe, heading home
Where the northern son was borne
And the northewinde fills my hearte again
Withe the flame that miss'd so longe
We're heading northe, heading home
To the shores where we belonge
Njörð's daughters take me home again
To the ones we've left alone
We're heading northe

I've conquered oh the stormy seas
Laid waste the foreign shores
The scars of countless victories
revive the days of yore

I've never ...

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