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Текст песни Wet My Bed

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Stone Temple Pilots - Core альбом
  • Deleo
  • Dean / Deleo
  • Robert Emile / Kretz
  • Eric / Weiland
  • Scott Richard
  • Rock
  • alternative
  • alternative rock
  • grunge
  • scott weiland
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Stone Temple Pilots - Текст песни Wet My Bed

Where did Mary go?

And where's my only cigarette?

Please think for me, I can't bare to

I'll just lie here for a while

Wet myself, wet my bed

I've readied it all for her, you know

Clean sheets, incense, a lots of fluffy pillows

Now soiledStone Temple Pilots - Wet My Bed -

And where's my cugarette?

Did you check the bathroom, the bathtub?

She sleeps there sometimes

Water cleanses, you know

Washes dirt away, makes new

Maybe she, maybe she, maybe she, maybe, maybe she swam away

Stone Temple Pilots Wet My Bed

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