Sparks the Rescue

Текст песни The Runaway Romance

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Sparks the Rescue - Текст песни The Runaway Romance

We're in deeper than we ever thought we'd be,

She's searching for shelter,

I'm trying to help her

But I never seem to have quite enough of what she needs,

Dismay or ecstasy, arrogance, humility,

Run away hunnie stay with me, we'll live above the scene,

Giving up and giving in is always easy, Sparks the Rescue - The Runaway Romance -

Far away from where we used to be,

There's nothing there we need,

We've had too much of not enough,

Listen to the sound of everything you know coming to an end around you,

You're gonna find that you need me more than you wanted to admit,

I'm you're way out.

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