Songs: Ohia

Текст песни Tigress

Tigress видео клип

Songs: Ohia
Songs: Ohia - The Lioness альбом
  • Molina
  • Jason
  • Acoustic
  • Folk
  • Indie
  • alt country
  • singer songwriter
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Songs: Ohia - Текст песни Tigress

it's difficult not to worry about what happens next
certain looks sort out confused looks
and certain looks sport confused looks
and I watched us talking in the mirror
and you put on that look
that says this little star wishes she weren't single Songs: Ohia - Tigress -
it is the eye that catches me a man protesting his worth
it is the year that catches you putting the shake on your words
you are alert as a tigress at a common table with her fate
you can almost taste it
we'll be gone be morning or be together by then(x2)
and I believe every woman has made up her mind to win

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