Текст песни On The Wane

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  • Veland
  • Morten / Veland
  • Morten
  • female fronted metal
  • gothic
  • gothic metal
  • sirenia
  • symphonic metal
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Sirenia - Текст песни On The Wane

Do you live a lie?
Are you lost in life?
On the wane tonight
like every night

Do you live a lie?
Would you like to try?
In this world of vainly missions
I'm a god of superstition

Would you grant me a savage prison?
within the walls of your decisions
If you hurt me I won't recover
Don't you turn me down

We are all living a lie
would you like to try?
In these halls of time
we are all giving
in for another daySirenia - On The Wane -
We shall pass away

on the break of day
We're lost anyway

Do you live a lie?
Do you stand me by?
Would you cope for my existence?
Would you last or cease persistence?

I'm the moon and the seventh dreamer
you're the hewn and a lost redeemer
Heavenworks for a welkin at dusk
you're a frail outcast

"Recall the fragments of a broken life
just like a shattered soul divine
You are the treason-reflecting eyes
You are the darkness that sets in every light"

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