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Sabah - Raqasni Heek

رقصني دخلك يا حبيبي خليني حدك يا حبيبي
رقصني هيك رقصني هيك رقصني دخلك يا حبيبي
رقصني رقصني هيك هيك وغمرني وغمرني بايديك
وخليني على قلبك دهر ويطقوا ويموتوا من القهرSabah - Raqasni Heek -
ناطرو ناطرو ناطروني لما رقصنا حسدوني
قللي دخلك كلمة قول قول بحبك يا حبيبي على طول
مرجحني خليني اطير واللي بده يصير يصير
رقصو رقصو نسيوني كلهن رقصو سبقوني

Английский перевод

Sabah - Raqasni Heek (Английский перевод)

Dance me like this, dance me like this, dance me my darling
Dance me dance me like this like this and hold me, hold me in your arms
May I be in your heart for ages, and let them explode and die from grief (not literally, just she wants the other girls to be jealous out their minds)
They waited, they waited, they waited for me and when we danced the were jealous of meSabah - Raqasni Heek -
Tell me I beg you a word, say it, say it, I love you my darling forever
Swing me, make me fly, and let whatever will happen happen
They danced, they danced, they forgot me
They all danced and finished before me (maybe meaning they tired of dancing before her, because they weren't having as much fun as her)

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