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Sabah - A7ebak Yani

a7ebak yani w law tr3ani a7ebak tani w 2a2oul ahh yani yani ma3ak 2odami w kol 7anani w akhaaf tensani ahh yani yani akhh yakhouki ana yani el 7ob da eh ana ma3rafshi ??????? (I didn't get the line) madam 3ala ba3dak ma2darshi 2oul lena ???? enta 7atehwani wla 7at????? wallah eih tani ahh yani ahhhh yani ahh ahh ya 3aini yani yaani ana albi ketab w fta7thoolak 3alashan y2raa w la2ait lama wareithoulak sourtak gowa geet lel 7a2 el alb aho da2 w shaafak ra2 w 2al ahhh yaniSabah - A7ebak Yani -

Английский перевод

Sabah - I Love You (Английский перевод)

I love you

And if you convince me

I'll love you again

And I'll say ohh my oh my

You have my future

and all my tenderness

and I fear you forget me

oh my oh my

(this is the spoken part which is pretty irrelevant lol)

What is this love, I don't know

Since you are calm and collect, I can't

Tell us.. (and I didn't pick up what she said here)

Are you going to love me or (couldn't make out the rest of this line either)

And what else

Ohh my oh my

(the other spoken part which is also irrelevant)

My heart is a book I opened for you

So he can read it

And I found that when I had showed it to you

Your picture was inside

I came to a conclusion

The heart has pounded

And when she saw you she softened

and said ohhh my!

Sabah - A7ebak Yani -

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