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Saafir - Boxcar Sessions альбом
  • Hip-Hop
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Saafir - Текст песни Big Nose

Released I'm down count it's a
Lifestyle for the regular
No five. o you may catch me in some
Old british knights
Some mark fives no cellular hobo
Brova's are ready to go
Concentrate fundamentals I extend
My defense give my man the ric some
Breathin' room fresh air see sparksSaafir - Big Nose -
As he strikes the bounce
Is on ''cause brova's got runnyn' pass
Game the aim is for me to rip
Shit up I like nut in ya cup I don't give
A motherfuckin' fuck
Wit style it's the bignose the pro-file is
Ta rip brova's be pullin'
Cards it's the bignose (I'm out)

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