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Room With A View - Текст песни Breathe The Water

Lies crawling
Nothing ever stays the same
Change your mind

Feel pressure
A knife that dissects

How do you feel?
How could you dream with eyes wide open?
How do you feel?
How does it feel?

When the tide goes out
(Rowing you upstream)
I breathe the water
In the depths of seas
(Sunk into deep sleep)
I know you'd go insaneRoom With A View - Breathe The Water -

Tide's rising
It's a case of sink or swim
Stop your mouth

Fields flooded
The harvest is gone

Watch the hours go by
I hear no sound in your house
You're begging me to stay
The upstairs room is so bright

I couldn't hear at all
I couldn't hear a word you said
Prepare yourself for bed
I drown at night in your house

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