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Roberto Roena
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Roberto Roena - Текст песни Que Se Sepa

Roberto Roena has excelled as one of the best "bongoseros" and band leader from the island of Puerto Rico and the world. Since forming his own band, the "Apollo Sound" in 1969 coinciding with the liftoff of one of the Apollo missions, his band has produced continuos hits. There's been a long list of singer who have performed with him, such as: Piro Mantilla, Dino Guy, Frankie Calderón, Sammy González, Tito Cruz, Papo Sánchez, Carlos Santos, Mario Cora, Cheo Quiñones, Adalberto Santiago, Luisito Carrión and other guest singers. I invite everyone to get to know his music through this site. Here you'll find information like biography, discography, photos, presentations, news, etc. You'll also find a song index to easily locate the lyrics to any of his songs.Roberto Roena - Que Se Sepa -

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