Текст песни So Confused

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Raghav - Storyteller альбом
  • Raghav Mathur
  • Donald Campbell
  • Ricardo Coward
  • Wesley Johnson
  • Pop
  • canada
  • desi
  • rhythm and blues
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Raghav - Текст песни So Confused

Verse 1]
Well I know we just met yesterday
Things they look so right
Cause you always know just what to say
And what is on my mind
Girl I feel I need a special way
To ask you to be mine
But I don't know when's the perfect day
Or what's the perfect time

Babe you, leave me confused
Don't know if I
Should let you know or wait it out girl
Wish I knew, just what to do
I'm so confused

Baby girl!

So girl what you wanna see?
Wanna see me get down on my knees?
Wanna hear me beg you baby please?
Wanna hear me crying for mercy?
Oh girl I wish I knew your world
I think i'm losing my head over you girl

[Verse 2]
Every bone in my body says I want you tonight
Pretty little hunny, why you there by my side
With your Hallie Berry face and you Beyonce thighs
With you Juxci want to collide
Bump all night long with you sexy little waist
Come girl, come along,
Wanna make love to you from dusk til dawn

[Verse 3]
Well I know that it maybe too soon
to know just what you'd like (that's right!)
But I wanna know what you've been thru,
And what you want from life
It's so real the way I feel so true,
Its been so hard to fight
Wanna now how you feel for me too,
So you can become of mine
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Babe you leave me confused (confused!)
Don't know if I should let you know or wait it out girl
Wish I knew just what to do
I'm so confused

[Repeat Chorus]

[Verse 4]
Well someone once told me that you'll end up lonely
Don't let love ever pass you by
Cuz I've seen it happen to people
That mattered to me with my very own eyes
Maybe they were mistaken
And I should be waiting, for you to show me a sign
Or should I just let you know, that if I let you go
I'd wonder the rest of my life

[Repeat Chorus x 2]

[Verse 5]
Oh why your body come on and stop crying
War for your body come with a tender lie
Man-a try hard but you not end up lying
Won't you know that Jucxi D me can't deny
Me and you one to one must multiply
Together forever for you I will die
Come back for me and let me hear your reply

[Repeat Chorus]

During Chorus:
Aim to go to bed
Confusion in-a my head, gal
Coz me love you, me love you
Me love you so bad
Aim to go to bed
Confusion in-a my head

[Verse 6]
To be or not to be, that is the question
I don't know what to do I'm in a state of confusion
All I want from you is your love and affection
Is this love real or just an illusion?

[Repeat Chorus x 2]

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