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Potluck - Текст песни Get High

[One Ton:]
Potluck! Humboldt County representative smoke big!

We smoke a lot of pot that can not afford
It my eyes drop low like I'm paulie shore
Hot boxed the whole building out to get?
Put a towel under the door smoking more than?
The weed is all natural, no it's not a drug
Come on, join the circle, hit the bud, it's all love
You know you wanna kiss the blunt just make your lips pucker
And I'm gonna get you high today like Chris tucker
Hit the bong muthafucka! Met your best friend
Light it up, take a deep breath and count to ten
We don't smoke Charlie brown, you do? I'm so sorry
I only smoke the freshest green weed like I was Bob Marley
My klick stays blazing, for me, it's motivation.
Puff puff pass it, you're fuckin up the rotation
Potluck initiation and it's blazing time
Keep your eyelids open, keep smoking get high

[Chorus x2: UnDeRaTeD and One Ton]
Get the weed and the blunt (Get high)
Smoke a fat bowl to the dome (Get high)
Come on and put the purple in the bong (Get high)
Were Humboldt county's finest and we love to get high (Get high)

[One Ton:]
I'm fishin weed inspecta for marijuana Mecca
You never smoked a joint, I can't trust or respect ya
I'm a weedaholic, I say fuck a Gina tonic
I want a crown on the rocks and blunt til I vomit
Wake up the next morning, wake and bake, I'm back on it
That's me blunted, can barely see, they call me Haley's comet
Never passed the weed, grew from a seed to a tree
I got a PHD in Mary Jane botany
Niggas take notes bitches take vacation
Proposition 215, I'll never see the stationPotluck - Get High - http://ru.motolyrics.com/potluck/get-high-lyrics.html
Suffer from the munchies and constant procrastination
It's just another side effect of marijuana cultivation
Welcome to my life, see I smoke the firefighters
I'm picking every pocket cause potheads carry lighters
I smoke it in a bong, I smoke it all night long
I smoke it more than afro man and more than cheech and chong

[Chorus: UnDeRaTeD and One Ton]

[One Ton:]
I'm gonna keep on smokin and keep on drinkin that's all I'm thinking about. well then I'm smoking you out
Ain't no body telling me what I'm gonna do

I'll smoke your block out cause I'm smoking large amounts
If you ever gotten cottonmouth, then you'll know what I'm talkin about
Don't get up off the couch, don't listen to my spouse
I never leave the house unless I got over an ounce

Only sticky stoney rollin got me in the zone and yes!
Me smoking like a dynamite, kinda like napoleon
Share a bowl with a friend, take a hit and hold it in
Smoke a fat blunt to head and roll it again

[One Ton:]
Give me a swisher sweeter and half ounce of weed
A lighter and a crutch, I'll bring you to your knees
You're smoking with the champ, you'll get another chance
Cause my backyard is a nursery for marijuana plants

I'm getting so high, I think I might wanna kiss the sky
I'm smoking big till I live just to get by
It's how we live there brother yeah we stay fly
We don't get high muthafucka we stay high!

[Chorus x2: UnDeRaTeD and One Ton]

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