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Текст песни You're The One

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  • Estrin
  • Daniel B. / Robb
  • Douglas Sean / Hesse
  • Chris Light
  • 60s
  • Pop
  • female vocalist
  • oldies
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Petula Clark - Текст песни You're The One

(Petula Clark/Tony Hatch)

Every time we meet,
Everything is sweet
Oh, you're so tender
I must surrender
My love is your love
Now and forever

You're the one that I long to kiss
Baby, you're the one that I really miss
You're the one that I'm dreaming of
Baby, you're the one that I love

Keep me in your heart
Never let us part
Ooh, never leave me
Please don't deceive me
I want you only
You must believe mePetula Clark - You're The One -


I adore you and no one before you
Could make me feel this way
Since I met you, I just can't forget you
I love you more each day

Whoa whoa, yeah yeah

There may be some tears
Through the comin' years
Ooh, all the while
I know you'll be smilin'
Your love will guide me
Through ev'ry mile

(repeat and fade out)

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