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Penumbra - Seclusion альбом
  • Metal
  • female fronted metal
  • gothic
  • gothic metal
  • symphonic metal
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Penumbra - Текст песни Enclosed

I can hear their laughter

Whistling in the wind

This is my punishment

The price of my betrayal

I can feel their hate

Floating in the air

I can see their faces

I can feel their fear

Death can' be a refuge

This is the sad privilege

I have inherited

For ever

Why can't I move

Everything's confused

How did I get here

Strange I feel no fear

My body's floating

The earth is moving

Oh set me free

Please forgive me

Come to me

My sweet angel

I will set you free

And I'm falling apart

Soon you will rest forever in me

Can't you see I'm falling apart

You will lay under sycamore leaves

Come I wish to die

I'll bring you to the kingdom you seek

In your last moment of reason

I can see your smile

Maybe you will know the peacePenumbra - Enclosed -

You always tried to find

I thought a fallen love

Would be enough for you

But you wanted more

Much more

You will never satisfy

Your craving for vengeance

Neither wil I

It hurts deep inside

In my agony

I see my enemies

They will be the keepers

Of my final destiny

This is the end of the play

Look around you

What do you see

Your quest has made you blind

And you will know this story

But don't expect compassion

Don't expect emotion

I have only death to offer

To spare her suffering

To prevent her madness

From killing her slowly

Forgive me my love

For this last deed

This is the only thing

I can give you

So the angels have forseen

Your quest has made you


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