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Nico Vega
Nico Vega - Fury Oh Fury EP альбом
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Nico Vega - Текст песни We Are The Art

We are the art, we do it cause we ought to. We scrape by, scrape by, scrape by. But we so tired , so tired so tired, and we still try still try still try, but we so tired so tired so tired.
Bite down check it out, yes it is a fight now for music and music is, afraid how we never really knew we could break down living our dreams. Stand up for what is beautiful, give it up for the ones who try. Oh the art is the reason that we came here, take a bow together we fight.Nico Vega - We Are The Art -

I call out the reasons why I cant take it, and watch the seasons change and ease my age.

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