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Текст песни Behind the House

Behind the House видео клип

Neko Case
  • Acoustic
  • Country
  • Folk
  • Indie
  • alt country
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Neko Case - Текст песни Behind the House

At night I woke up crying in the lane behind the house
Ghosts wet and steaming by the time I figured it out
You didn't die in the fire
It was the flood that carried you from me
And the embers of your house still glowing
Making it hard to sleep
It's hard to breathe

There's not much room to go more crazy
Neko Case - Behind the House -
A flaming sword above my head for all of you to see
Beware my girl, beware
Beware my girl, beware of these memories and what is real
What is real

I walk this world forever in a dream
Or is this the land of living?
Or is this your way to tell me
That I couldn't save you
I couldn't save you

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